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Bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

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Redditor Phil Calfee said he was 'bored' and decided to put together this fantastic Bitcoin news montage.

Bitcoin ATM, Vancouver

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Reuters talks to start-up firm Robocoin who launched the world's first bitcoin ATM in a Vancouver coffee shop...

Bitcoin is big business – WPTZ News

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WPTZ Newschannel 5 talk about Bitcoin's explosive growth.

Bitcoin still high risk, not yet ready for mainstream – Bitcoin Foundation General Counsel

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Patrick Murck, General Counsel of the Bitcoin Foundation, talks about Bitcoin's rise, it's comparison to Ponzi schemes and legal concerns.

BTC China CEO talks to RT News

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RT News talk to the CEO of BTC China (largest Bitcoin exchange in the world) about Bitcoin's popularity over the past few months, its volatility and regulation.

Rick Santelli Discusses The Possibility of Bitcoin ATMs In Cyprus & The US

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Rick Santelli discusses Bitcoin in April 2013 on CNBC and talks to Jeff Berwick, founder of BitcoinATM.

Bitcoin Currency: Has the Bubble Popped?

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Convergex's Nicholas Colas and Holland & Company's Michael Holland discuss the future of Bitcoin on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" in April 2013 after a Bitcoin price crash.

Max Keizer suggests a bitcoin could reach $1m

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Max Keiser talks to William Mook (entrepreneur & bitcoin miner) about Bitcoin and it's potential price. Bitcoin was about $60 at the time of the discussion.

Cashing in on the Bitcoin boom

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Al Jazeera feature Bitcoin in April 2013 when the price hit $147.

Virgin Galactic now accepting Bitcoins

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CNN talk to Richard Branson after he announces Bitcoin will now be accepted by Virgin Galactic for flights to space.

Man throws out £4m bitcoin fortune

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A man from Newport, Wales says he mistakenly threw out an old hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins on it.. (worth over £4m today). He can't remember precisely when he disposed of it only that it would have been 2 or 3 month...

Bitcoin Hits New Record

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The Wall Street Journal report on Bitcoin's new $1200 record high.