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12 Days of Bitcoin Experiment

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Bloomberg's Matt Miller spends 12 days using only Bitcoin to buy things. In this video, he does some grocery shopping, hires a dog walker and has a drink in a bar...

16×9 Bitcoin News Report

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Global News' 16x9 investigate Bitcoin's rise to fame

Bill Still on Bernanke’s Bitcoin Surprise

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Filmmaker Bill Still talks to Gary Franchi about Ben Bernake's (chairman of Federal Reserve) recent Bitcoin comments...

Bitcoin ATM, Vancouver

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Reuters talks to start-up firm Robocoin who launched the world's first bitcoin ATM in a Vancouver coffee shop...

Bitcoin Currency: Has the Bubble Popped?

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Convergex's Nicholas Colas and Holland & Company's Michael Holland discuss the future of Bitcoin on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" in April 2013 after a Bitcoin price crash.

Bitcoin Hits New Record

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The Wall Street Journal report on Bitcoin's new $1200 record high.

Bitcoin in China

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Bill Still talks about Bitcoin's growing presence in China. The the virtual currency has been featured recently in a one hour long documentary on state TV and is now accepted by the largest telecoms provider.

Bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

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Redditor Phil Calfee said he was 'bored' and decided to put together this fantastic Bitcoin news montage.

Bitcoin is big business – WPTZ News

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WPTZ Newschannel 5 talk about Bitcoin's explosive growth.

Bitcoin on Newsnight (18 Dec 2013)

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Newsnight cover the Chinese clampdown on Bitcoin and the resulting crash...

Bitcoin on Sky News in March 2013

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Bitcoin covered by Sky News in March 2013 when it reached $100 per Bitcoin... the expert they consulted said that people "may as well burn their money in a pile as far as i'm concerned" when asked how safe Bitcoin was...

Bitcoin still high risk, not yet ready for mainstream – Bitcoin Foundation General Counsel

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Patrick Murck, General Counsel of the Bitcoin Foundation, talks about Bitcoin's rise, it's comparison to Ponzi schemes and legal concerns.