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BTC China co-founder talks at Stanford

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Bobby Lee of BTC China (the world's largest Bitcoin exchange) talks at Stanford about Bitcoin's progress in China.

World’s First Bitcoin Vending Machine

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Stuart W. Card (PhD of Critical Technologies Inc.) made the first ever Bitcoin purchase from a vending machine (a bag of popcorn) using a QRcode and a smartphone.

Why Bitcoin’s Growth is Normal

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World Bitcoin Network explain why they feel Bitcoin's growth is normal and not something that should be associated with Tulip Mania or Pyramid Schemes.

The True Value of Bitcoin

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Stefan Molyneux explains why he feels Bitcoin is more than just money transfer and compares it to the internal combustion engine..

What is Bitcoin? Animated Explainer Video.

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Great Bitcoin explainer video from Neo & The Bee Payment Network in Cyprus

What is Bitcoin?

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Great intro in to Bitcoin published by the wonderful Khan Academy. Their full Bitcoin course can be found here.

Digital Currencies Are Here To Stay – Bitcoin Global Investments

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Founder of Bitcoin Global Investments, Javier Martin, discusses the role of digital currencies today and in to the future...

Intro to Cryptography

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Short video explaining the basics of cryptography including why it came about, how it works and why it's useful.

Bitcoin explained in 90 seconds

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This easy-to-digest animated video from explains Bitcoin in 90 seconds

Paul Kemp-Robertson. Meet the future of branded currency.

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TED Talk by Paul Kemp-Robertson (Contagious Communications) on Bitcoin in July 2013.

Eric Mockensturm – The Unexpected Rise of Digital Currency

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2011 TEDxPSU talk by Eric Mockensturm who is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University.

The future of Bitcoin: new applications and rebuilding the banking system

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Googler and Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn discusses Bitcoin (in London, September 2012) and some of it's mind blowing possible use cases in the future.