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‘Bitcoin steals power from both banks & gangsters’

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London based Bitcoin developer Amir Taaki talks to RT about Bitcoin and how it could redistribute wealth in a way that the world has never seen before.

Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

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Serial entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos talks to financial radio network, tastytrade.

Bitcoin – the future, or a bubble waiting to burst?

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BBC Newsnight discussion on Bitcoin in November 2013. Jeremy Cook (World First - UK based foreign exchange company) and Max Keiser (Finance Broadcaster) argue it out over whether Bitcoin has any real long term value o...

Bitcoin on BBC Newsnight

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Jeremy Paxman discuss Bitcoin on BBC Newsnight in March 2013 after the run on the Cyprus banks.

Bitcoin to the moon or down the drain

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The Bitcoin report talk to Rick Falkvinge who is founder of the Swedish Pirate Party.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Talk Bitcoin

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The Winklevoss twins talk with Colleen Taylor on TechCrunch TV about Bitcoin and their $11m investment.

Could Bitcoin be as transformational as the World Wide Web?

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Richard Brown (IBM Executive Architect for Banking and Financial Markets) discusses Bitcoin's future...

CrossTalk: Bitcoin Revolution?

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RT's CrossTalk show discusses Bitcoin with Amir Taaki (Bitcoin developer & exchange owner), Daniel Castro (Senior Analyst at ITIF) and Ed Butowsky (Wealth Management Expert).

Jeffrey Tucker predicts $1000 per BTC by the end of 2013

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Jeffrey Tucker (author, editor and publisher) predicts $1000 per BTC by the end of the year in April 2013 when 1 Bitcoin was worth $115. Bitcoin reached $1000 on November 27th 2013.

Peter Schiff talks Gold -v- Bitcoin

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Peter Schiff talks Gold -v- Bitcoin on a